Sunday, August 24, 2014

Faith No More

Whether I look out my window or the news, a beautiful sunny day with birds chirping and critters foraging, no longer is the same as it was when I was a child focused only on what was in front of me. Any pain I experienced was a hint of what  was to come, never lasting for too long,  but slowly eating away at the beauty and possibilities of this ephemeral experience. I'm speaking of the violence and suffering in this world.
Meanwhile god is looking down on it all and isn't doing a thing to protect anyone, just as he's always done. I'm sick of this. God doesn't care and all of you who are still clinging to your tested faith have too much invested in our impotent god for nothing. This is what we have to look forward to when we die. Not heaven or hell, but nothing... just look at what he's done about the atrocities that occur daily. A real miracle isn't found on a cheese sandwich while this madness goes on. These horrors happen daily for thousands of years and god has done nothing. I'm so tired of this. God used to mean something, but the more of the real world I see, the less god seems to care. I'm starting to hate him... a lot. Thanks for nothing. If I go to hell for this, at least I can have a clean conscience, intolerant but powerless compared to Him, because this stuff shouldn't happen while a loving God presides. We should all think of what we'd all do if we had the power of a god. We'd destroy evil. What possible reason could god have for letting these things happen, other than hes powerless, doesnt care, or nonexistant? We could do it, because destruction is something we as a species is good at. I'm done with it. Faith is childish to me now. I know what to expect: nothing. That's the truth.